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Dr Aayesha Mulla

HCPC Registered Clinical Psychologist

My name is Dr Aayesha Mulla, and I’m a clinical psychologist. I have been qualified for nearly 15 years and have a committed interest in supporting the psychological needs of children, young people, and parents. I have been working with children and families in a psychological capacity for nearly 20 years. I am able to support with a range of emotional difficulties and concerns, such as anxiety or low mood, school difficulties, or parenting and behavioural difficulties. Additionally, I have specialist experience in supporting the emotional wellbeing of families where a child is living with a long or short term health condition, and toileting difficulties. In paediatric health psychology, we recognise the impact that emotional stress can have on physical symptoms, as well as the impact that physical symptoms or medical procedures can have on emotional wellbeing.

The difficulties I am able to offer support with include:

• Emotional wellbeing: anger, worries, low mood

• Difficulties or stresses at school

• Relaxation and distraction techniques

• Stress related symptoms

• Grief and bereavement

• Preparation for hospital procedures e.g. (surgery and injections)

• Coping with treatment, including taking medicines or adhering to a medical diet

• Coping with pain

• Boundaries and parenting support

• Adjustment to diagnosis and illness

• Difficulties with feeding, sleeping and toileting

• Recovery following an accident

• Support for the parents, carers, or sibling of an unwell or sick child

• Transition into adolescence and early adulthood.

What to expect from sessions

I offer remote sessions via video call. Our initial assessment appointment would be up to 90 minutes long and will include time for joint parent(s) and child/young person, individual for young person, and individual for parent(s). We would use this to think about any specific goals or areas of support. Follow up sessions will be made up of a combination of joint and individual sessions based on what feels clinically appropriate in each individual case.

As part of our goals or work together, it might be helpful to liaise with other teams who support your child, such as school, medical teams, sports clubs, or social care services.

My overarching theoretical model is ‘systemic’, taking the position that each person is a piece of a system, and that difficulties occur in the interactions between the various pieces of the system, rather than within one individual. I use this approach informed by other theoretical models such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), or Narrative Therapy.


Assessment: £350

Therapy sessions: £150

Additional liaison or meetings with other agencies charged at hourly rate (£150) by the half hour.

I offer a complimentary 20 minute consultation to help you decide if we are a good fit.