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Zaid Tariq

Chief Strategy Officer
MSc BA (Hons)

As the Chief Strategy Officer of Illuminated Thinking, my role revolves around sculpting the roadmap that propels our organisation forward. At the heart of my responsibilities lies strategic planning, where I blend visionary insights with actionable steps to chart our course towards success. I work closely with our Clinical Director to identify emerging trends, analyse market dynamics, and envision opportunities that align seamlessly with our company’s mission and values.

Whether it’s pioneering new initiatives, forging strategic partnerships, or optimising operational efficiencies, I’m committed to ensuring that Illuminated Thinking remains at the forefront of innovation and excellence.

Alongside my role as Chief Strategy Officer, I also serve as a Performance and Wellbeing Coach for our valued clients. Drawing upon my expertise in psychology, leadership development, and holistic wellness practices, I collaborate with individuals and teams to unlock their full potential and cultivate a culture of resilience and vitality.

Whether you’re seeking strategic guidance to navigate the complexities of today’s business world or looking to elevate your performance and wellbeing, I’m here to illuminate your path towards success.